Are Foreign Countries Intentionally Trying to Poison Your Pets?

Is China or any other country intentionally trying to poison your pets? That is the question. And if they are doing so intentionally, why isn’t our government stopping the imports?  The answer to these questions is not an easy one to answer. Of course we would love to think that another country is not targeting our pets intentionally and if they were that surely our government would stop the imports from said country.  So what is the answer because you know that we have had FDA warnings on treats made in other countries and they are still on the shelves?

Bad China Treats

One answer is that other countries are not INTENTIONALLY targeting our pets with poison treats. American made treats occasionally have been recalled and we don’t think anything about it. Heck, we have recalls on eggs all the time. Why is it so damning when it is another country. Other countries do not have the high standards or the inspections that American Made treats have so the problem may occur with their treats more often than with American Made treats. See what the USDA is doing to try to help by clicking here.

As I see it, the answer is twofold.

One: You need to stop buying foreign made treats and foods for your beloved pets. The problem does not cure itself without consequences. If you don’t buy foreign made treats the “demand” is gone and they may clean up their act. I wonder why such a simple thing is not happening. When we are told a particular brand is killing dogs, we continue to buy it because “Well, gee, I’ve been feeding it for years with no problem.”

Two: Buy American Made.  But you don’t do that either because “American Made treats are just too expensive”.

Ok, the answer to that is make your own treats.. Nope, that doesn’t happen either because “ I’m too busy to make my own treats.”

So, you will continue to buy treats you know are killing dogs, hoping for a miracle that it doesn’t kill your dog because foreign treats are less costly and you are to busy to make your own.

I am very busy and I have a bunch of dogs. I use veggies as treats. Yep, every day baby carrots that you can buy in any supermarket that is FDA inspected and graded for human consumption.  Carrots are also good for your dog. Carrots provide roughage and nutrients. No muss, no fuss and best of all they can be used right out of the refrigerator.

Baby Carrots

Another idea for you is to buy an American made bone that has “goodie” on it. When your dog has cleaned the meat off the bone, run it through the dishwasher.  Now you have a sterilized bone that you can put peanut butter or another spread goodie in and it’s good for another week. Every time the new goodie is gone, run it through the dishwasher again to sterilize it. Lasts forever!

Hollow Bones

I don’t know about you, but I love my companion pets. I don’t think they live long enough as it is so I am certainly going to do everything in my power to give them food and treats that are not tainted with something that can kill them.







Problem Solved: Dogs Jumping Up

Imagine your dog greeting you and guest by sitting in front of them to receive petting. Even small dogs can cause harm to an older person. Dogs should be taught to not jump on people, period.  Many dogs, despite your best efforts, and after using all the “tried and true” methods, simply will not stop jumping. This can be extremely annoying, and sometimes dangerous, for owners and their guests. Now there is a harmless, no pain, solution to the jumping problem.


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Do You Use Flea & Tick Shampoo AND a Spot On Product

Now that Flea & Tick season is here I see people buying Flea & Tick Shampoo and some kind of Spot On product like Front Line or Advantage.  Got me to wondering if maybe I should do a post on poisoning our pets with Flea & Tick preventive.diatomaceous-earth1

I have addressed the most popular and their down sides. In my studies I conclude that pyrethrin is the least toxic to our beloved pets and D-Earth is NON-Toxic. Keep in mind that we are a hectic society, we want it and we want it Now. Ticks & Fleas have a habit of re-infesting our pets unless we treat the environment too.  To keep the killing of beneficial insects, like bees, to a minimum you might want to try the D-Earth. It applies to both vegetation and to your pet. It’s easy to apply and just kills jointed legged insects like fleas, ticks, ants and spiders.   Read the rest of this entry »

Why your dog needs a Bow Wow Doorbell Button

Bow Wow Button – Talking Dog Doorbell!!Record Your own doorbell alert with Music, funny voice messages, ringtones, chimes, dog barks, anything you want! Change the message any time!

The most personal doggie doorbell ever! Comes with training guide and batteries. Go beyond bell training. Train your dog to push a button to go outside, eat, play or take a walk! Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping your furry friends safe during the holidays

Happy soon-to-be Christmas everyone!  The weather’s getting colder.  You may or may not be getting snow, but you can feel the changes in the air and your pets can too.  Dogs, cats, and other pets are quite perceptive.  They know when the holidays are coming, because the atmosphere changes.  It’s around this time of the year that we can forget about our pets, not just in terms of getting them those Christmas treats they love so much, but they may also get lost in the holiday shuffle.


Trupanion—an industry leader in pet insurance, offering cat and dog insurance in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico—wants to remind us not to forget about our furry friends during the holiday season.  In the article “Trupanion Reminds Pet Owners to Consider Pet Safety During the Holiday Season”, they write, “Dr. Kerri Marshall, Chief Veterinary Officer at Trupanion, […] says that it is important during the holidays to pause and think of the unique needs of your pets.  While other family members understand the chaos around them and can plan accordingly, our pets experience stress and anxiety with the unexpected break in their routine and can react in ways that are potentially harmful.”

Keeping your furry friends safe during the holidays

Santa Paws!


I agree with Dr. Marshall.  It’s tough going to holiday parties and seeing how confused the pets are.  They can feel the changes; they just don’t know what to do about them.  We, as pet owners, always need to keep an eye on our pets, especially around the holidays.  The article is worth a look as it gives some nice holiday tips for pet owners.  You may want to consider getting pet insurance.


You can purchase many of the products mentioned in the article through me, such as dog crates.  They make great people AND pet gifts.  You and your family may be traveling for the holidays.  There’s no better way to protect your dog than putting him or her in one of our sturdy crates.  I offer a wide variety of crates, including airline approved carriers, galvanized crate pans, plastic crates, and wire crates.  You can find them here. Perhaps the best Christmas gift is one given before Christmas: a safe crate to carry your loved pet from house to house, city to city.


As always, hug your furry friends for me.  Happy holidays!


*Image courtesy of Dog Santa Outfit by József Verőczei

Cats, Cats, Cats: Animals All Across America Could Use an Army

Christmas Cat, Depressed Cat

Kitties Need Lovin’ Too!

Hello!  Every day, I take pride in the fact that I’m not only an animal lover, but also an animal helper.  It seems that I have an army of animal rescuers at my disposal!  Animals all across America certainly could use an army.


Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I survived Cyber Monday!  Christmas will be here before we know it.  Around this time of the year, we shouldn’t just be thinking about our families, but also the pets we love.


Dogs, cats, and other animals are always in need, especially in winter.  It gets cold.  Sometimes we forget that our pets get cold too.  I have recently added a lot of heated beds.  K&H Manufacturing is a leader in heated beds.  I carry almost their entire line.  For more information, check out their website


If you’re a cat lover, I have some great news!  Dogs Wiggles and Grins now has a cat section.  Statistics show that dog households generally have a cat or two.  Perhaps cats and dogs can get along after all!  It’s not big yet, but it’s growing.  Soon, we’ll have cat towers for sale!  Please check out “The Cat’s Meow” section


Cats have been neglected for far too long.  On a recent trip to a shelter, I was heartbroken at seeing their cute little faces in those cages.  When I spoke to the person working there, I asked if they were planning to transport the cats to rescue anywhere.  I was told that every place in the United States has a high number of cats.  Many of the cats have to be put down.  It was a sad truth.  Take extra care of our feline friends.  They really have no place to go.


I hope you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  Hug and kiss your pets for me!  Continue checking out Dogs Wiggles and Grins for new and exciting products!



4 Essential Dog Supplies You Can’t Live Without

You have a new dog, whether it’s a puppy or a mature dog, the dog is new to you.  You decide you should buy the necessities for Fluffy.  If you go to a pet shop or box store you will find all sorts of things to buy for your new dog and salespeople that own cats telling you that this piece of equipment or that bed is something you can’t live without.

Collar and Leash



Your first item to buy for a new dog in the house is a collar and leash.

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